Post-Disaster Services

Post-Disaster Services

As climate change-induced natural disasters are becoming all the more frequent and severe, in particular hurricanes, wildfires and flash floods, people and livelihoods are affected adversely on a much greater scale than ever before. Extreme weather events have a particularly devastating effect on agricultural production seeing as crops are especially vulnerable. HVA possesses the know-how and requisite methodology regarding the services needed to restore the damage incurred by such natural disasters.

Sudden-onset disasters and devastating weather events can leave affected populations paralyzed and ground truths are often hard to come by. In order to minimize damage to agricultural land, it is imperative that authorities act in a timely fashion and receive recommendations by experienced analysts, based on reliable, verified information.

​HVA’s Rapid Deployment Teams (RDTs) can provide authorities with accurate assessments and problem-specific recommendations. By inserting our multi-functional teams into disaster-affected areas, ground truths will be gathered quickly, analysed on-site by experienced professionals and disseminated to decision-makers.

​The methodology of HVA’s deep-field response teams is to assess the following:

  • extent of damage
  • potential hazards
  • condition of infrastructure
  • items of interest

HVA’s specialty competency comprises:

  • environmental restoration after a wildfire
  • desalination of soils after a tsunami
  • restoration of production facilities after a hurricane
  • installation of provisional farms for livestock
  • and drafting full-scale restoration plans for large areas



Valuation Advisory Services

Focusing on the most salient aspects of the business, our service is provided worldwide, through dedicated specialists both in the Netherlands and on-site, combining local knowledge with a global point of view. Whether we apply a discounted cash flows method or the comparable transaction multiples, HVA will deliver a very accurate report with a realistic assessment at affordable rates.

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Our Mission

“We are now in our 140th year of operations and it is with great anticipation that we gear up for the new trends in agriculture. Given the unprecedented attention the global agricultural sector has been receiving of late, with a focus on sustainable intensification, we expect to see agroindustrial clusters and youth agripreneurship take center stage. We hope to play an important role in the agrarian economies around the world that are now moving to the top of the value chain and embracing agro-ecological, export-focused business models.

​We welcome the new partnership-oriented model that the G20 countries are seeking to implement in the agrarian economies that will be feeding our world in the decades to come and we will do our utmost to help facilitate these partnerships and ensure that sustainable practices are implemented on all fronts.

​With the long-awaited bilateral approach to tackling climate change and food security, we look forward to seeing sustainable agricultural practices become a reality on a broad front with sound, business-conducive policies being implemented in a growing roster of agrarian countries. This new era of agricultural development will undoubtedly transform the world as we know it in ways we can barely imagine.”

– Clemens J. M. Rolink
President, HVA International

“HVA provides management services in agriculture, with the aim of increasing productivity and yield while lowering environmental impact, thereby optimizing returns both for investors and the world at large.

Since sustainability goes hand-in-hand with profitability, we ensure that the projects we undertake are in line with as many SDG goals as possible, always striving to create a positive impact on both a local, regional and global level.”

– Miltiadis D. Gkouzouris

CEO, HVA International

Bulgaria – Poultry Processing Plant


HVA prepared the Project Plan for the modernising and up-grading of a large poultry slaughter, cut-up, chilling, freezing and packing plant for one of the largest Bulgarian poultry integration, to comply with EU food safety and quality directives.