HVA International is an independently operating Company engaged in Management, Engineering and Consultancy of Agro-Industrial and Aquaculture projects in Developing Countries, South-East Asia, The Middle East, Latin America, and CIS-Countries. Its products of specialization are Dairy, Poultry, Sugar, Rice, Grains, Coffee, Cacao, Tea, Fish (Shrimps, Tilapia, Seabass, Salmon etc.) and the pertaining farms, plantations, and processing facilities.

HVA International is looking to enlarge its Engineering team with a:

Food Processing and Packaging Engineer

Who will assist HVA International in its consultancy work.


  • Participate in feasibility study teams to evaluate, estimate and prepare designs of agro-processing plants.
  • Assess during field missions the state of existing infrastructure and make recommendations for additions or modifications;
  • Procure new machines for the processing plants, negotiate with the suppliers about the delivery conditions;
  • Manage the installation, configuration and initiall operation of processing lines;
  • Give backstopping support to site managers supervising the project;
  • Prepare cost estimates.

Key qualifications

  • Relevant university degree or higher national diploma (HBO)
  • At least five years of experience with (medium to large-scale) food processing plant projects, preferably also with project work abroad
  • Good analytical skills
  • Computer competency
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language
  • Flexibility, being able to work independently as well as in a team
  • Is based in The Netherlands, preferably in the vicinity of Amsterdam

Interested candidates are invited to submit their application and CV in English to HVA International, CSS-department, P.O. Box 12204, 1100 AE Amsterdam, e-mail:

HVA International is looking for:

Associate Consultants (continuous)

HVA International regularly seeks consultants to work on international projects in Africa, South and Central America, Asia, Middle East, CIS, and Eastern European countries. If you have more than 5 years relevant experience in these regions and would like to be included in our roster of associate consultants, please send your detailed Curriculum Vitae in English, preferably by E-mail, to our Consultancy Support Services department, indicating availability and preference for short and/or long-term assignments.


Company Profile

Handelsvereniging Amsterdam/ HVA (est. 1879) has more than a century of accumulated experience in worldwide agricultural and agro-industrial development. Building on its experience and expertise in developing and managing its own integrated tea, sugar, oil palm, rubber, cassava, natural fibre, fish-, and shrimp farm operations, HVA International has established a full-service consultancy and management firm and has diversified its activities into other crops and sub-sectors, such as dairy and poultry production, providing its services to a wide range of projects for private clients, government and parastatal organisations or funded by international development agencies.

Sectors of specialization/expertise

HVA International specializes in providing technical assistance, consultancy services, consulting engineering and management for projects in the following sectors:

  • Livestock production
  • Crop production
  • Agro-processing
  • Aquaculture production

Many projects executed by HVA International are integrated, including primary production and processing. An overview of HVA International’s capabilities in these sectors is presented below:

Farm advisory and support services

  • Applied field research and extension
  • Outgrower schemes of integrated agro-industrial projects
  • Milk collection schemes
  • Artificial insemination services
  • Input supply and rural credit
  • Marketing

Farm projects

  • Medium scale market-oriented crop and livestock production
  • Commercial farming (dairy, beef fattening, mixed farming, field crops)

Integrated agro-industrial projects

  • Sugar, tea, oil palm, vegetable oil
  • Dairy, poultry, feed mills
  • Privatization and restructuring
  • Management

Aquaculture projects

  • Audit and improvement of processes from the hatchery to end consumer
  • Consulting on the improvement of water quality and water treatment
  • Fish pathology related services
  • Strengthening of the Food Safety capacity
  • Strengthening of the fish-products quality
  • Fish food Innovation
  • Traceability methods and systems
  • Feasibility studies for new projects
  • Services for the improvement of the production efficiency
  • Web-based application for monitoring and managing fish-farms

The services comprise both inland and marine projects, and all the major types of production systems such as re-circulation systems, ponds, and sea cages.


Reflecting its practical and result-oriented approach HVA International is organized according to product sub-sectors. Projects and services are managed under the responsibility of the Livestock, Agricultural and Consultancy Department, each having their own project managers and backstopping staff. Engineering, procurement, economic analysis and implementation of management information systems are also carried out under the responsibility of the assigned project manager.

HVA International’s professional staff includes experts in agronomy, soil science, animal production, animal health, irrigation/drainage, agro-processing technology, agricultural economy and policy, farm and agro-business management, accountancy,  agricultural and mechanical engineering, and information technology.

The Consultancy Support Services department operates a continuously updated database of Associate Consultants, by which additional specific expertise can easily be mobilized at short notice.

Regional experience

During the past 140 years, HVA International has executed projects and studies in more than 60 different countries, often in remote areas and under difficult conditions.

Experience with international development agencies

HVA International holds registered approved consultant’s status with more than 10 international development agencies and has executed assignments funded by:
• World Bank
• International Finance Corporation (IFC)
• African Development Bank
• Asian Development Bank
• Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
• Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID)
• Islamic Development Bank
• European Union
• Netherlands Finance Company (FMO)
• Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)