Agro / Food processing

Processing your produce

HVA International has built up a long-standing experience in food processing mainly in dairy, poultry meat, sugar, vegetable oil, tea and grain processing. Many projects have a processing sector to create added value or to be able to market the products produced. HVA International’s ability to provide integrated solutions in the field of agro production and processing into food products is well appreciated by clients in both the private and public sector.

A wide range of products

Processing activities of HVA International cover a wide range of products:

a. Livestock products: Since the 1960-ies HVA International has been involved in milk collection & processing, poultry slaughterhouses and/or further processing, table eggs grading and packaging and feed raw materials handling and production of pelletized feeds.

b. Sugar: HVA International has been involved on long term basis in the sugar industry in Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Burundi, Nigeria and Iran and has conducted a large number of studies.

c. Tea: HVA has experience in tea production since the 1920s, when it introduced tea growing and processing in Sumatra. HVA also successfully pioneered tea production in Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya and Rwanda and rehabilitated and modernized the tea production and processing at Mambilla, Nigeria.

d. Other Crops: HVA International’s experience in e.g. tropical vegetable oil production covers extraction and refining of palm oil and coconut oil. HVA also implemented and managed flour mills, vegetable oil extraction plants and feed mills. In the integrated projects it has been involved with, HVA International has gained considerable experience in grain storage and handling.


Long term commitment

HVA International’s experts are always committed to achieving long-term project benefits. The confidence clients have in HVA International’s expertise and commitment, is highlighted by the fact that HVA International has frequently been requested to continue to manage the enterprise after commissioning and start-up.