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HVA International (est. 1879) is a worldwide operating consultancy & project development company in the agricultural sector and offers a full range of services starting from project idea and ending with a fully operational enterprise.


Idea & Preparation

An Idea is usually the starting point for a future project. It will first have to be vetted through a Reconnaissance Visit & Report on its constraints and viability.
If the idea turns out to be sustainable the next step is to study the project details resulting in a Business Plan. Such a study is of great importance for the development of the project. It forms the basis for financing and controlled realization. Based on our solid reputation with banks and financial institutions, HVA International can support in sourcing project financing.

Realization & Start-up

If the business case proves to be feasible and financing has been secured, the next step is Project Realization. This is a crucial phase whereby a complexity of supplies and works will be carried out by a range of contractors. HVA International provides Project Management, which is a prerequisite for a well-organized project development. It requires adequate planning, supervision, and commissioning of deliverables.
Gradual Start-up of the operation by experienced Managers and Training of counterparts is essential to ensure the success of the project.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Once the new business is fully operational regular Monitoring is a necessity. HVA International can provide assistance to ensure that procedures and instructions are properly followed in order to maintain production standards, quality, and efficiency as intended.
Established businesses may require a thorough Evaluation Mission & Report with recommendations for modernization of technology, facilities, and operational practices.

“We take pride in delivering successful projects and have ample expertise in a broad range of agricultural products such as dairy, poultry, sugarcane, oil palm, and rice”


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