Partners in Agricultural Development – since 1879

“from the Netherlands, to the world”

Handelsvereniging Amsterdam/ HVA International (est. 1879), a proud supporter of the UN-formulated sustainable development goals, is a worldwide operating project development & consultancy company in the agricultural and aquaculture sector, and offers a full range of services exclusively to PE/VC funds, starting from project sourcing and ending with a fully operational and profitable enterprise.


Sourcing and preparation

Scanning HVA’s vast network of agriculture professionals in EMFM countries, is the starting point for sourcing a project with great potential. On the collected project-proposals, a special filtering and selection process starts and, upon selection, a reconnaissance mission takes place to draft a report for the client on constraints and viability.

First HVA headquarters, Amsterdam

First HVA headquarters, Amsterdam

If the project is defined as sustainable the next step is to prepare a new Business Plan. Such a plan is of great importance for the development and the success of the project. It forms the basis for the calculation of the necessary financing, includes recommendations for modernization of technology, facilities, and operational practices and finally, sets the criteria for the successful operation in the future period. HVA prepares this success-recipe for the project based on its century old solid experience and expertise.


The next step is Project Realization. This is a crucial phase whereby a complexity of supplies and works will be carried out by a range of contractors. HVA International takes care of all the Project Management necessary for a well-organized project development. This phase, requires adequate planning, supervision, and commissioning of deliverables.
Experienced HVA Managers get involved and make sure that all gets implemented smoothly and on time.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Once the project is fully operational based on the new plan, regular monitoring from the HVA headquarters and reporting to the client takes place as a standard operating procedure. HVA International ensures that procedures and instructions are properly followed in order to maintain production standards, quality, and efficiency as intended.

“We take pride in delivering successful projects and have ample expertise in a broad range of agricultural products such as dairy, poultry, sugarcane, cassava, oil palm, and rice”

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