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Businesses change in size and the tasks they perform and also have to adapt to changing circumstances over time. However they have not necessarily made the same advancement in their organization’s management practices, processes or methodologies. For example, many continue to manage their operation as originally designed and implemented not taking advantage of new technologies and management practices. Our consultancy services will help you assess your organization’s current practices against industry-recognized best practices and will help you identify gaps in your current management principles. In such cases a specific expertise could help you focus on opportunities that will drive improvements in your business performance and results

A wide variety of services

Typical HVA International services may include:
• Management Performance Audit
• Technical Audit (Production & Processing)
• Technical Assistance & Training
• Operational Monitoring & Intervention
• Supervision on Project Realization
• Specialised Training Programs

Italy – Hatchery evaluation


On request of the hatchery and the contracted breeding farms a Technical Audit was prepared to identify reasons for the low fertility results. Clear conclusions and recommendations were prepared and implemented in cooperation with the hatchery and the farmers.

Sudan – Poultry Production

HVA International provided start up and operational management for a newly constructed integrated poultry project in Sudan. The project includes a feed mill, hatchery, broiler and layer farms (annual production of 2 million broilers and 6 million table eggs) and slaughterhouse. The technical assistance covered all aspects of the project, including training and transfer of technology. As part of the project’s renovation, HVA installed new cooling and ventilation equipment at the project. The supplies included computerised controls for the climate in the broiler, layers and breeder houses.

Russian Federation – Large dairy farms

Consultancy Services to the large privatized dairy farms in the Russian Federation in cooperation with Mustang Ingredients. Eight large intensive dairy farms have been guided by restructuring the farms, improve the technical results and increase the profitability of the farms.