Advisory and Management

Advisory and Management

We provide technical advisory services in regard to arable field crops, including pastures, horticulture and commodity tree crops as well as intensive livestock production and dairy farming. We assist clients in numerous ways, including establishment of contract grower schemes, upgrading equipment, implementing renewable energy sources and adapting operations to become more climate resilient and increase yields.

HVA International’s specialty competency is in the following:

  • Developing commercial farming and agro-processing ventures
  • Integrated agro-industrial projects
  • Veterinary services and programmes

‚ÄčOur services comprise:

  • Project identification
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design of farm field layout and field irrigation/drainage systems
  • Basic and detailed engineering of processing plants, farm buildings and installations
  • Supervision of construction and installation
  • Technical assistance, operational support, and training
  • Full scale management of farms and facilities