Handelsvereniging Amsterdam/ HVA International has conducted a great number of studies, including sector studies, project identification studies, (pre-)feasibility studies, technical audits, and project evaluations. Projects implemented by HVA International are often the follow-up of such studies, demonstrating the confidence that is put in HVA International’s advice.

HVA International’s approach to a study is always based on obtaining the right expertise necessary to report excellent and up-to-date information. HVA has an elaborated databank of specialized Experts that can be mobilized to participate in the implementation of a study. Whenever necessary HVA will link with certain key suppliers or institutions for specific information.

Before a study is implemented, HVA will always discuss the Terms of Reference with the Client to mutually clarify what needs to be investigated and what should be reported. In this way, the right investigations are being made and the outcome gives the Client the desired information. Clients indicate that HVA’s study reports are very detailed.

HVA has ample experience in conducting various types of studies and has a solid reputation with banks and financial institutions which is an advantage in obtaining financing.