Project services for PEVC (OCIO)

HVA International’s specialty competency is in developing commercial farming and agro-processing ventures, integrated agro-industrial projects and veterinary services and programmes.

‚ÄčOur services comprise:

  • Project identification
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design of farm field layout and field irrigation/drainage systems
  • Basic and detailed engineering of processing plants, farm buildings and installations
  • Supervision of construction and installation
  • Technical assistance, operational support, and training
  • Full scale management of farms and facilities

Valuation Advisory Services

Focusing on the most salient aspects of the business, our service is provided worldwide, through dedicated specialists both in the Netherlands and on-site, combining local knowledge with a global point of view. Whether we apply a discounted cash flows method or the comparable transaction multiples, HVA will deliver a very accurate report with a realistic assessment at affordable rates.

Post Disaster Services

As climate change-induced natural disasters are becoming all the more frequent and severe, in particular hurricanes, wildfires and flash floods, people and livelihoods are affected adversely on a much greater scale than ever before. Extreme weather events have a particularly devastating effect on agricultural production seeing as crops are especially vulnerable. HVA possesses the know-how and requisite methodology regarding the services needed to restore the damage incurred by such natural disasters.