Making your plans reality

HVA International offers Project Supervision Services during the implementation of a project. HVA will assign Technical Experts to supervise the site preparation, construction, installation and commissioning of the buildings and equipment on behalf of the Client. HVA will plan and coordinate the works of all contractors and suppliers with the aim to realize the project as budgeted and planned. HVA’s Experts will secure that the facilities and equipment are established as desired and meet international quality standards.

This Service includes the support to the Client in the preparations of tender documents  for contractors and suppliers. The actual establishment costs based on the budget and the (supply) contracts will be monitored and reported. The Technical Assistance provided can include the procurement of equipment or basic inputs necessary for the project through the in-house Procurement Department of HVA International.

Getting your business on track

During the Project’s establishment a gradual start-up of the operation and the training of  local staff is essential. HVA already starts with training of potential management staff during the implementation period in order to prepare for the management period.  This training facilitates a smooth handing-over to management and secures an efficient start-up. Based on long standing collaboration, HVA International has well established links with national and international research and training organisations, animal health services, producers of breeding stock, etc. Through these organisations HVA International can easily mobilise specific specialised expertise and services as required by a project.  During the commissioning and start-up management period of a project, HVA always focusses on setting the right standards and initiating correct quality standards through (on-the-job) training and operating manuals.