For more than 70 years HVA International has been active in livestock production with the main focus on dairy and poultry. HVA has been very successfully involved in the establishment and management of large milk production and processing projects in the Middle East and North Africa.
For large international milk processors HVA International set-up milk collection schemes including extension in e.g. Indonesia and Vietnam, including milk quality control, milk payment systems, extension, logistics, etc.. Strengthening the smallholder’s cooperatives is often an essential part of such a milk collection project.
The poultry activities of HVA focus on poultry meat and table egg production units and integrations. The poultry meat integrations cover the complete chain from Grand-Parents farms to the marketing of fresh and frozen broiler carcasses or parts. The table egg projects include both the rearing of pullets, the layer farms and the packaging station.
For HVA International a specific point of attention is always the bio-security. Animal health and food security demand a very strict hygiene. Therefore proper training (on the job as well as abroad) in combination with good standard procedures are always a vital part of HVA’s management support.
Only through an adequate animal nutrition in combination with good feed formulations can a high production be obtained. Management of the feedmills within the livestock projects are therefore given extra attention. For HVA International Livestock Projects are a key activity and HVA can mobilize any expertise required to make it a success.