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In Commemoration Pieter Reineke

In Commemoration Pieter Reineke

Pieter Reineke (1869 – 1948), was the son of one of the co-founders of HVA, and therefore likely had agriculture in his genes from the outset. He is credited with being the predominant driving force behind HVA’s ascendancy from mere trader to one of the world’s largest players in the agricultural sector, most notably in the production of sugar.

Born in Indonesia, Pieter Reineke rose rapidly in the ranks of HVA, starting out as head of operations in Surabaya, and by the age of just 26 he was appointed Managing Director of the entire company.

Pieter had a number of outstanding qualities, most notably his tireless spirit, which he channelled into HVA, propelling the company forward. He had such a dynamic personality that it was hardly any surprise when he took over the helm of the entire company at such a young age, in 1895.

Under Pieter Reineke’s leadership, HVA expanded its holdings manifold and became one of the world’s leading producers of sugar. A visionary and trailblazer at heart, Reineke made it his mission to turn HVA into a paragon in the agro-industrial sector, and for this we are all very grateful.  It was his devotion to excellence that helped turn HVA into a world-famous pioneer in agriculture, and to this day that remains one of our core values.

Even after retiring as chief executive, Reineke remained an active member of HVA’s Board of Directors for more than a decade, continuing to provide strategic advice and instilling his values in the generation of HVA executives that followed in his footsteps.

We honor Pieter Reineke as one of HVA’s foremost luminaries and strive to carry his spirit with us to the next generation.

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