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HVA Halts Trading with Russia Effective Immediately

HVA Halts Trading with Russia Effective Immediately

Dear Friends and colleagues of HVA,

In light of the recent, very alarming events that have transpired in Ukraine in the past week, the Board of Directors of HVA has unanimously decided to condemn the actions of the Russian military and President Putin for putting Ukrainian civilians in harm’s way.

HVA has for several decades worked closely with both these countries in promoting peaceful projects in food production and we are very concerned. We share the hope expressed by numerous nations that Russia will see the error of their ways and cease their aggression, and we are joining forces with other corporations who are condemning this unprecedented invasion of a sovereign European country.

HVA is therefore ceasing to provide any and all services to Russian companies with immediate effect and we pray that the men, women and children of Ukraine stay strong and in good spirits until this conflict abates. HVA has been through several wars in the past and stand at the ready to help Ukrainian refugees in any way we can. To that end, we have a special e-mail address that you can contact:

Our hearts and prayers are with the people of the Ukraine at this very trying time and we sincerely hope that this senseless violence will come to an end immediately. We are confident that the world will stand in solidarity against this appalling and unjustified aggression and that it will very soon be over.

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