Quality dairy production

High quality milk is an essential food for human beings all over the world. HVA International has built up a long-standing experience in the dairy production chain from the production of roughages to the processing of the raw milk. The production can take place on large integrated farms or on smallholder farms. HVA International has supported clients with developing projects concepts, preparing complete business plans, supervising the establishment and training to project staff.

Medium and large scale projects

One of HVA International’s main fields of experience is in medium and large scale integrated dairy farms, combining production of roughage and concentrate feeds, animal production and on-farm processing. Creating such mainly self-supporting units have proven very successful to achieve sustainable dairy development in countries with under-developed dairy production chains. Special attention is given to produce a year-round supply of good quality roughages and to prepare feeding rations according to the dairy animals’ requirements including where appropriate, Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding. This integrated approach to livestock feeding systems is the basis for a sustained high animal production and herd fertility.

Production and processing

Marketing of the raw milk produced is a vital aspect of dairy farming. Large farms will transport their raw milk by tanker to the processing plant. HVA International has also ample experience in the management of milk collection schemes from smallholder dairy farmers including milk quality control and milk payment system. In most instances dairy extension is a vital part of these projects.
HVA International’s ability to provide integrated solutions for improving production and organising the supply of good quality milk to the factory is well appreciated by clients in both the private and public sector. In this way HVA International has helped many clients in Asia and Africa with their projects from the concept to the implementation. Knowledge transfer is always a key focus point, therefore training of the project staff is essential.