Poultry (Table Eggs)

Table eggs, an integrated approach

HVA International has a long-standing experience in developing and advising integrated table egg projects. Our involvement in operational management is always charged with achieving guaranteed production targets. HVA International’s result-oriented approach is based on training and knowledge transfer. This results in highly successful modern poultry production projects. For a successful table egg project the quality of the Point of Lay pullets is crucial. Managing the rearing properly, including the animal health care, vaccinations and achieving the desired final liveweight and development, are essential for a success at the layers section. HVA International knows what is required and will support the Client in every aspect of the rearing.

Controlling the whole process

An integrated layer operation demands excellent nutritional support as well as good husbandry knowledge to secure a high peak production and sustaining this peak as long as possible. Whether the housing is in cages or in an open aviary system with several levels, the management should be designed to meet the highest production targets and opt for a low cost price. HVA International has the required experience to support the Client from the initial planning up to the operational management. Handling of table eggs including packaging for the local market, demands skills and knowledge. Managing a packing station is therefore always an integrated part of HVA’s total management support. For HVA International training, knowledge transfer and setting proper standards are three key elements to come to the realisation of a successful and profitable project.

Italy – Hatchery evaluation 2008


On request of the hatchery and the contracted breeding farms a Technical Audit was prepared to identify reasons for the low fertility results. Clear conclusions and recommendations were prepared and implemented in cooperation with the hatchery and the farmers.

Sudan – Poultry Production


In the ’80-ies HVA International provided start up and operational management for a newly constructed integrated poultry project in Sudan. The project includes a feed mill, hatchery, broiler and layer farms (annual production of 2 million broilers and 6 million table eggs) and slaughterhouse. The technical assistance covered all aspects of the project, including training and transfer of technology. In 2010 as part of the project’s renovation, HVA installed new cooling and ventilation equipment at the project. The supplies included computerised controls for the climate in the broiler, layers and breeder houses.