Poultry (Meat)

Poultry Meat production (& Halal)

HVA International has a long-standing experience in developing and advising integrated poultry projects. Our involvement in operational management is always charged with achieving guaranteed production targets. HVA International’s result-oriented approach is based on training and knowledge transfer, resulting in highly successful modern poultry production and processing projects. Integrated poultry meat projects provide many countries with a secured production of large quantities of poultry meat at competitive prices. HVA International developed, established and managed a number of these integrated poultry projects successfully. From Grand-Parent units up to marketing the fresh or frozen broiler carcasses or parts, HVA has the experience to support the Client in all these aspects.

The entire production chain

An integrated project demands knowledge of the entire production chain and the ability to manage the complete project. In the various sections of the project, the production systems are different and this demands a knowledgeable and experienced company that can provide not only broiler breeder skills but also specialized hatchery or processing plant knowledge. Animal nutrition, raw material sourcing and producing the right quality concentrate feeds are very important for the cost price of the produced carcasses. HVA International has the ability to combine all these required expertise. We have managed integrated poultry meat projects with an annual output from a few million to over 60 million broilers per year.
HVA International places special attention on establishing good bio-security and animal health programs. Training and setting the right standards are essential aspects of the HVA approach to the start-up management. In this way, HVA International supports the Client to achieve a sustainable profitable project.


Nigeria – Poultry Meat Project

HVA International prepared a technical masterplan study for the establishment of a vertical integrated poultry meat project with a production capacity in phase 3, of 60 million broiler carcasses per year. The concept of the project, the required facilities and the production planning were prepared subsequently until the initial operation of the project.

Nigeria – Poultry Meat Study

HVA International implemented a complete Feasibility study for the establishment of an integrated poultry meat project. The project components were broiler parents, a hatchery, broiler farms, a feedmill, a processing plant and support departments. As part of the Feasibility Study a Marketing Study was implemented. The annual output was 3 million broiler carcasses, fresh and frozen.

Sudan – Poultry Production

HVA International provided start up and operational management for a newly constructed integrated poultry project in Sudan. The project includes a feed mill, hatchery, broiler and layer farms (annual production of 2 million broilers and 6 million table eggs) and slaughterhouse. The technical assistance covered all aspects of the project, including training and transfer of technology. As part of the project’s renovation, HVA installed new cooling and ventilation equipment at the project. The supplies included computerised controls for the climate in the broiler, layers and breeder houses.