Food Crops

Experience in a variety of crops

HVA has achieved international recognition in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, for the development of agricultural projects in the production and processing of a broad variety of crops. Our experience base spans the product chain from land development through production to processing and marketing. HVA has an extensive record of highly successful projects in both public and private sectors. Each project has its own characteristics and requirements no two are alike. We aim to develop solutions tailor-made to each individual project and its environment.

Flexible approach

We seek to adopt a flexible approach towards each assignment, taking into consideration local opportunities and constraints, and mobilizing the services of local businesses and organizations to contribute whenever possible. HVA has the knowledge and experts required to assist Clients in developing medium to largescale crop production and processing projects.

UAE – Date Palm by Products

HVA International in association with Hail Agriculture prepared a complete Feasibility Study for the establishment of a feedmill for using date palm by-products as concentrated feed and feed blocks with a capacity of 10 Mton/hour. Next to the feedmill a feed lick-block production unit was proposed and designed.

Oman – Date Palm by Products Study

HVA International as sub-contractor of Hail Agriculture of the United Arab Emirates, implemented a feasibility study to establish a feedmill with a capacity of 10 Mton/hour to utilize – chopped and treated date palm leaves, dates not suitable for human consumption and date by-products mixed with essential other raw materials – to produce a good concentrate for goats, sheep, cows and camels. The Project also produces feed blocks based on date products.

Ethiopia – Alfalfa Production Study

AC Company in association with HVA International implemented a special study, investigating the possibilities of an alternative to sugar by growing alfalfa and processing the dried hay for export to the Middle East. An attractive project since phasing the investment cost, typifies the irrigated alfalfa cropping project.