Poultry (Table Eggs)

Table eggs, an integrated approach

HVA International has a long-standing experience in developing and advising integrated table egg projects. Our involvement in operational management is always charged with achieving guaranteed production targets. HVA International’s result-oriented approach is based on training and knowledge transfer. This results in highly successful modern poultry production projects. For a successful table egg project the quality of the Point of Lay pullets is crucial. Managing the rearing properly, including the animal health care, vaccinations and achieving the desired final liveweight and development, are essential for a success at the layers section. HVA International knows what is required and will support the Client in every aspect of the rearing.

Controlling the whole process

An integrated layer operation demands excellent nutritional support as well as good husbandry knowledge to secure a high peak production and sustaining this peak as long as possible. Whether the housing is in cages or in an open aviary system with several levels, the management should be designed to meet the highest production targets and opt for a low cost price. HVA International has the required experience to support the Client from the initial planning up to the operational management. Handling of table eggs including packaging for the local market, demands skills and knowledge. Managing a packing station is therefore always an integrated part of HVA’s total management support. For HVA International training, knowledge transfer and setting proper standards are three key elements to come to the realisation of a successful and profitable project.


Sugar (cane)

Our Sugar (Cane) expertise

HVA International is a well-known Company in the field of integrated sugar complexes, For many decades HVA actively operated their own sugar factories in Africa (Ethiopia) and Indonesia. At present, HVA-experts advise on Sugar Projects and prepare Business Plans after determining the feasibility and viability. The viability of sugar cane production includes aspects of sustainability whereby soil conservation, crop water consumption, and air and water pollution.

Integrated approach

Worldwide, HVA is also involved in studies on sugar complexes as an independent consultancy and engineering company with other reputed Companies for the processing of cane. Modern technologies are incorporated in order to save on energy demand resulting in extra revenues on sales of electricity (co-generation).
HVA aims at fully integrated complexes including the production on ethanol from the molasses produced as by-product in the process of sugar fabrication.
The modern techniques in sugar cane production include precision agriculture whereby GPS based technologies and other crafts like drones and advanced sensors are supporting the mechanical harvesting of green cane and determine parameters like the tonnes of cane per ha etc. The data is also used for fertilizer application adaptations in subsequent crop. Similar modern systems are applied for herbicide application in order to reduce pesticide applications and arriving at certified sugarcane production.

HVA International can assist any Client with the initial reconnaissance, subsequently prepare the feasibility study and constitute the Business Plan  and assist the Client in engineering the financial package. At the time of implementation HVA will prepare the final design and supervise the contractors on behalf of the Client and if required assist in managing the Complex.


Food Crops

Experience in a variety of crops

HVA has achieved international recognition in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, for the development of agricultural projects in the production and processing of a broad variety of crops. Our experience base spans the product chain from land development through production to processing and marketing. HVA has an extensive record of highly successful projects in both public and private sectors. Each project has its own characteristics and requirements no two are alike. We aim to develop solutions tailor-made to each individual project and its environment.

Flexible approach

We seek to adopt a flexible approach towards each assignment, taking into consideration local opportunities and constraints, and mobilizing the services of local businesses and organizations to contribute whenever possible. HVA has the knowledge and experts required to assist Clients in developing medium to largescale crop production and processing projects.


Poultry (Meat)

Poultry Meat production (& Halal)

HVA International has a long-standing experience in developing and advising integrated poultry projects. Our involvement in operational management is always charged with achieving guaranteed production targets. HVA International’s result-oriented approach is based on training and knowledge transfer, resulting in highly successful modern poultry production and processing projects. Integrated poultry meat projects provide many countries with a secured production of large quantities of poultry meat at competitive prices. HVA International developed, established and managed a number of these integrated poultry projects successfully. From Grand-Parent units up to marketing the fresh or frozen broiler carcasses or parts, HVA has the experience to support the Client in all these aspects.

The entire production chain

An integrated project demands knowledge of the entire production chain and the ability to manage the complete project. In the various sections of the project, the production systems are different and this demands a knowledgeable and experienced company that can provide not only broiler breeder skills but also specialized hatchery or processing plant knowledge. Animal nutrition, raw material sourcing and producing the right quality concentrate feeds are very important for the cost price of the produced carcasses. HVA International has the ability to combine all these required expertise. We have managed integrated poultry meat projects with an annual output from a few million to over 60 million broilers per year.
HVA International places special attention on establishing good bio-security and animal health programs. Training and setting the right standards are essential aspects of the HVA approach to the start-up management. In this way, HVA International supports the Client to achieve a sustainable profitable project.




Quality dairy production

High quality milk is an essential food for human beings all over the world. HVA International has built up a long-standing experience in the dairy production chain from the production of roughages to the processing of the raw milk. The production can take place on large integrated farms or on smallholder farms. HVA International has supported clients with developing projects concepts, preparing complete business plans, supervising the establishment and training to project staff.

Medium and large scale projects

One of HVA International’s main fields of experience is in medium and large scale integrated dairy farms, combining production of roughage and concentrate feeds, animal production and on-farm processing. Creating such mainly self-supporting units have proven very successful to achieve sustainable dairy development in countries with under-developed dairy production chains. Special attention is given to produce a year-round supply of good quality roughages and to prepare feeding rations according to the dairy animals’ requirements including where appropriate, Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding. This integrated approach to livestock feeding systems is the basis for a sustained high animal production and herd fertility.

Production and processing

Marketing of the raw milk produced is a vital aspect of dairy farming. Large farms will transport their raw milk by tanker to the processing plant. HVA International has also ample experience in the management of milk collection schemes from smallholder dairy farmers including milk quality control and milk payment system. In most instances dairy extension is a vital part of these projects.
HVA International’s ability to provide integrated solutions for improving production and organising the supply of good quality milk to the factory is well appreciated by clients in both the private and public sector. In this way HVA International has helped many clients in Asia and Africa with their projects from the concept to the implementation. Knowledge transfer is always a key focus point, therefore training of the project staff is essential.

UAE – Date Palm by Products

HVA International in association with Hail Agriculture prepared a complete Feasibility Study for the establishment of a feedmill for using date palm by-products as concentrated feed and feed blocks with a capacity of 10 Mton/hour. Next to the feedmill a feed lick-block production unit was proposed and designed.

Nigeria – Poultry Meat Project

HVA International prepared a technical masterplan study for the establishment of a vertical integrated poultry meat project with a production capacity in phase 3, of 60 million broiler carcasses per year. The concept of the project, the required facilities and the production planning were prepared subsequently until the initial operation of the project.

Nigeria – Poultry Meat Study

HVA International implemented a complete Feasibility study for the establishment of an integrated poultry meat project. The project components were broiler parents, a hatchery, broiler farms, a feedmill, a processing plant and support departments. As part of the Feasibility Study a Marketing Study was implemented. The annual output was 3 million broiler carcasses, fresh and frozen.

Oman – Date Palm by Products Study

HVA International as sub-contractor of Hail Agriculture of the United Arab Emirates, implemented a feasibility study to establish a feedmill with a capacity of 10 Mton/hour to utilize – chopped and treated date palm leaves, dates not suitable for human consumption and date by-products mixed with essential other raw materials – to produce a good concentrate for goats, sheep, cows and camels. The Project also produces feed blocks based on date products.

Zambia – Cane Supply Study

HVA International conducted a due diligence survey on a Sugar Project in Zambia on behalf of Suedzucker, Germany. The present sugarcane productions per ha were far below the neighbouring Sugar Estate. HVA-experts prepared a listing of measurements for improving the yields and adapting a sustainable way of sugarcane production.