Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)


We can design and oversee the transfer or sale of government-owned assets or projects, identifying suitable foreign direct investment (FDI) and implementing contractual arrangements between public agencies (federal, state or local) and private sector entities. We typically take on the role of manager during the initial 5 years.


Food Crops

Experience in a variety of crops

HVA has achieved international recognition in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, for the development of agricultural projects in the production and processing of a broad variety of crops. Our experience base spans the product chain from land development through production to processing and marketing. HVA has an extensive record of highly successful projects in both public and private sectors. Each project has its own characteristics and requirements no two are alike. We aim to develop solutions tailor-made to each individual project and its environment.

Flexible approach

We seek to adopt a flexible approach towards each assignment, taking into consideration local opportunities and constraints, and mobilizing the services of local businesses and organizations to contribute whenever possible. HVA has the knowledge and experts required to assist Clients in developing medium to largescale crop production and processing projects.


Poultry (Meat)

Poultry Meat production (& Halal)

HVA International has a long-standing experience in developing and advising integrated poultry projects. Our involvement in operational management is always charged with achieving guaranteed production targets. HVA International’s result-oriented approach is based on training and knowledge transfer, resulting in highly successful modern poultry production and processing projects. Integrated poultry meat projects provide many countries with a secured production of large quantities of poultry meat at competitive prices. HVA International developed, established and managed a number of these integrated poultry projects successfully. From Grand-Parent units up to marketing the fresh or frozen broiler carcasses or parts, HVA has the experience to support the Client in all these aspects.

The entire production chain

An integrated project demands knowledge of the entire production chain and the ability to manage the complete project. In the various sections of the project, the production systems are different and this demands a knowledgeable and experienced company that can provide not only broiler breeder skills but also specialized hatchery or processing plant knowledge. Animal nutrition, raw material sourcing and producing the right quality concentrate feeds are very important for the cost price of the produced carcasses. HVA International has the ability to combine all these required expertise. We have managed integrated poultry meat projects with an annual output from a few million to over 60 million broilers per year.
HVA International places special attention on establishing good bio-security and animal health programs. Training and setting the right standards are essential aspects of the HVA approach to the start-up management. In this way, HVA International supports the Client to achieve a sustainable profitable project.




Quality dairy production

High quality milk is an essential food for human beings all over the world. HVA International has built up a long-standing experience in the dairy production chain from the production of roughages to the processing of the raw milk. The production can take place on large integrated farms or on smallholder farms. HVA International has supported clients with developing projects concepts, preparing complete business plans, supervising the establishment and training to project staff.

Medium and large scale projects

One of HVA International’s main fields of experience is in medium and large scale integrated dairy farms, combining production of roughage and concentrate feeds, animal production and on-farm processing. Creating such mainly self-supporting units have proven very successful to achieve sustainable dairy development in countries with under-developed dairy production chains. Special attention is given to produce a year-round supply of good quality roughages and to prepare feeding rations according to the dairy animals’ requirements including where appropriate, Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding. This integrated approach to livestock feeding systems is the basis for a sustained high animal production and herd fertility.

Production and processing

Marketing of the raw milk produced is a vital aspect of dairy farming. Large farms will transport their raw milk by tanker to the processing plant. HVA International has also ample experience in the management of milk collection schemes from smallholder dairy farmers including milk quality control and milk payment system. In most instances dairy extension is a vital part of these projects.
HVA International’s ability to provide integrated solutions for improving production and organising the supply of good quality milk to the factory is well appreciated by clients in both the private and public sector. In this way HVA International has helped many clients in Asia and Africa with their projects from the concept to the implementation. Knowledge transfer is always a key focus point, therefore training of the project staff is essential.

Procurement services

Procurement: Getting the things you need

HVA provides Procurement Services to projects managed by HVA International and/or projects HVA is familiar with. Getting the right goods at a competitive price from abroad is not easy. HVA’s purchasing services are geared to supply goods (not locally available) to agricultural and livestock businesses. HVA’s procurement department understands the importance of keeping projects operating smoothly, efficiently and without interruption.

HVA will prepare/propose detailed specifications for the goods required by the Customer. HVA has extensive knowledge of reliable suppliers for agricultural and livestock projects. Based on the agreed specifications and quantities HVA will request quotations from selected suppliers.

Based on the recommendations, specifications and quantities, HVA will submit a quotation to the Customer in the form of a Proforma Invoice. The costs for packing, handling and to transport the goods by either sea-freight or airfreight, as well as, the validity, estimated delivery time, terms of delivery (incoterms) and payment conditions shall be stated in the Proforma Invoice.

Support throughout the process

The ordering process starts upon receipt of a workable order and payment security.
Placing the order, its follow-up, inland delivery, packing, labelling, inspection formalities, transport, customs formalities necessary to clear the goods for export, preparing shipping documents and final delivery to the destination as specified in the terms (incoterms) of the Proforma Invoice, are part of the process.

The latest International Commercial Terms (‘Incoterms’) shall apply to all our supplies.



Consultancy. Get the support you need

Businesses change in size and the tasks they perform and also have to adapt to changing circumstances over time. However they have not necessarily made the same advancement in their organization’s management practices, processes or methodologies. For example, many continue to manage their operation as originally designed and implemented not taking advantage of new technologies and management practices. Our consultancy services will help you assess your organization’s current practices against industry-recognized best practices and will help you identify gaps in your current management principles. In such cases a specific expertise could help you focus on opportunities that will drive improvements in your business performance and results

A wide variety of services

Typical HVA International services may include:
• Management Performance Audit
• Technical Audit (Production & Processing)
• Technical Assistance & Training
• Operational Monitoring & Intervention
• Supervision on Project Realization
• Specialised Training Programs



The right management

Management is considered the backbone of any organization essential to accomplish companies goals the best way possible. Management includes a diversity of aspects such as organization structure, staffing, rules & regulations, instructions and facilities like information technology. At the very beginning Management needs to be designed on paper and implemented in practice but is dynamic and needs to evolve and develop continuously to serve companies interests the best way possible in a changing world. Before hiring staff there should be a blueprint of the organization including function descriptions with tasks and responsibilities of each position. There should also be a description of the mission, strategy including a global layout of the administrative organization describing the main principles, rules and regulations of the organization.

Helping your company evolve

Further organizational development such as capturing rules, regulations, instructions, reporting systems and selection of required facilities takes place, simultaneously hiring of the first management staff can start.
In many developing countries employees with the right education/skills may not be readily available for staffing the organization . In such cases a well-balanced plan of hiring expatriates in combination with training programs for local employees will be required to build up the necessary knowledge.

HVA International has ample knowledge of organizational development for medium to large scale companies in the agricultural sector, rendering services such as:
• Organizational development
• Providing Management Staff and Experts
• Start-up Management
• Training Programs
• Monitoring of Operations
• Evaluation of Operations


Project implementation supervision

Making your plans reality

HVA International offers Project Supervision Services during the implementation of a project. HVA will assign Technical Experts to supervise the site preparation, construction, installation and commissioning of the buildings and equipment on behalf of the Client. HVA will plan and coordinate the works of all contractors and suppliers with the aim to realize the project as budgeted and planned. HVA’s Experts will secure that the facilities and equipment are established as desired and meet international quality standards.

This Service includes the support to the Client in the preparations of tender documents  for contractors and suppliers. The actual establishment costs based on the budget and the (supply) contracts will be monitored and reported. The Technical Assistance provided can include the procurement of equipment or basic inputs necessary for the project through the in-house Procurement Department of HVA International.

Getting your business on track

During the Project’s establishment a gradual start-up of the operation and the training of  local staff is essential. HVA already starts with training of potential management staff during the implementation period in order to prepare for the management period.  This training facilitates a smooth handing-over to management and secures an efficient start-up. Based on long standing collaboration, HVA International has well established links with national and international research and training organisations, animal health services, producers of breeding stock, etc. Through these organisations HVA International can easily mobilise specific specialised expertise and services as required by a project.  During the commissioning and start-up management period of a project, HVA always focusses on setting the right standards and initiating correct quality standards through (on-the-job) training and operating manuals.


Feasibility studies

Determine your plan’s viability

For a good evaluation of a new Project or an addition to an existing Project, a (pre)-Feasibility Study is a very good instrument. A good Feasibility Study will evaluate the technical and financial viability of the project as well as evaluate the risks. HVA International has prepared many Technical & Financial Feasibility Studies.

In consultation with the Client the Terms of Reference for a study are prepared to secure that the right investigations are being made and the outcome gives the Client the desired information to evaluate the project under study. HVA International prepares full bankable feasibility studies detailing both the technical as well as the financial aspects. In particular for a new project the Feasibility Study will include a Marketing study as well. Clients comment that HVA’s study reports are very thorough and detailed.

During the preparation of a Feasibility Study HVA always cooperates with key suppliers to include the latest techniques and equipment. If desired and realistic HVA also works with companies that will supply reconditioned equipment as a means to reduce the investment costs. Basic lay-outs and basic engineering are part of the HVA study. With the financial and sensitivity analysis provided in the Feasibility Study report, the Client can make a very good assessment of the technical and financial viability and risks of the proposed project.

Zimbabwe – Dairy Processing Plant

A complete technical & financial Feasibility study was prepared, subsidized by the RVO, for the establishment of a dairy processing plant producing yoghurt, ice cream, sterilized milk and sterilized dairy fruit mix with a daily capacity of 70,000 litres milk. The Project included the establishement of milk collection centres in the course of the first years.
A particular aspect of the study was the utilisation of solar power. Under the Zimbabwean conditions the generation of electrical power by means of diesel generators was very expensive and not economical. Therefore solar power was used to generate the bulk of the electrical power required.