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Our Mission

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Clemens J. M. Rolink
President HVA International

“We are now in our 140th year of operations and it is with great anticipation that we gear up for the new trends in agriculture. Given the unprecedented attention the global agricultural sector has been receiving of late, with a focus on sustainable intensification, we expect to see agroindustrial clusters and youth agripreneurship take center stage. We hope to play an important role in the agrarian economies around the world that are now moving to the top of the value chain and embracing agro-ecological, export-focused business models.

​We welcome the new partnership-oriented model that the G20 countries are seeking to implement in the agrarian economies that will be feeding our world in the decades to come and we will do our utmost to help facilitate these partnerships and ensure that sustainable practices are implemented on all fronts.

​With the long-awaited bilateral approach to tackling climate change and food security, we look forward to seeing sustainable agricultural practices become a reality on a broad front with sound, business-conducive policies being implemented in a growing roster of agrarian countries. This new era of agricultural development will undoubtedly transform the world as we know it in ways we can barely imagine.”

D. Gkouzouris CEO HVA International

“HVA provides management services in agriculture and supports projects, with the aim of increasing productivity and yield while lowering environmental impact, thereby optimizing returns both for investors and the world at large.

Since sustainability goes hand-in-hand with profitability, we ensure that the projects we undertake are in line with as many SDG goals as possible, always striving to create a positive impact on both a local, regional and global level.”

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