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A seasonal message from HVA’s Public Relations department.

A seasonal message from HVA’s Public Relations department.

Season’s Greetings, December 2021

Dear colleagues, customers and friends of HVA,

The end of this year is fast approaching, and looking back, it has been yet another tumultuous year, full of challenges but also filled with optimism.

In spite of all the hurdles, HVA has excelled and been performing outstandingly well. This is of course no reason for celebration as large segments of humanity are undergoing hardships. In addition to Covid, a profusion of other challenges are setting the stage for some significant problem solving in the year to come. These challenges include climate change, inflation, rivalries between superpowers, energy shortages and an ever increasing world population that requires more food while the world’s resources are limited.

On a positive note, we have seen a significant increase in available funds for implementing sustainable projects and HVA is on the front lines of these developments, ready to implement large scale SDG-based projects all over the world.

On behalf of HVA’s President and our management team, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy, prosperous and healthy 2022!

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