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Sugar Production

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Sugar mill on nucleus estate in West Africa


Cane Sugar Production

The experience record of HVA in activities related to the sugar industry dates back to the late 1880s when large‑scale sugar‑cane cultivation and processing was started on the Indonesian island of Java. Here, HVA owned and managed many sugar estates, amongst which the most important were Jatiroto I and II, Kentjong, Menggiran, Tegowangi, Ngadirejo, Kunir, Semboro, and Gunungsari.

In the early 1950s, HVA pioneered the sugar industry in Ethiopia. Under proper ownership and management, HVA established the sugar estates/ factories of Wonji, Shoa and Metahara in 1954, 1960 and 1968, respectively. Their combined milling capacity amounted to 6,500 tcd with a total area under cane of 13,000 ha. Sugar yields achieved are among the highest in the world.

Since then HVA International has expanded its activities in the field of sugar projects to other parts of the world. Emphasis was increasingly put on consultancy and technical assistance contracts rather than plantation ownership.

HVA International has built up a long and successful track record in growing and processing sugar cane, and establishment and rehabilitation of plantations and sugar factories. Some of these projects are highlighted below.


In association with the Sudanese company Newtech, HVA International recently participated in a feasibility study for a new integrated sugar project in Sudan. HVA International 's services concerned sugar cane production, field mechanisation and cane transport, general technical and technological specifications of the sugar factory, design of the sugar factory and marketing.


In 2002, HVA International carried out a privatisation study of the sugar industry ENASUCRE in Algeria, in association with Schlumberger Sema SAE.


During 1999 till 2001, HVA International carried out several advisory services and missions for sugar projects in Ethiopia (Finchaa), Benin (Savé) and Sudan (White Nile Sugar).


In 1998/1999 an evaluation was carried out of the progress made in the construction (set-up) of the Iranian cane sugar industry.


In 1999 sugar experts of HVA International have conducted in consortium with the Netherlands Economic Institute an evaluation and review of the sugar projects that have been sponsored by the African Development Bank all over the African continent.


In 1998 HVA International has completed a technical and financial evaluation of the Save Sugar Complex in Benin, in association with the Netherlands Economic Institute. HVA International prepared a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for plantations and factory as the basis for a financial evaluation and exploration of modalities for a management lease hold.


In 1996/97, HVA also undertook a privatisation study for the sugar industry in Tanzania. The study included an analysis of the Tanzanian sugar industry. The Sugar Development Corporation (Sudeco) was evaluated and profiles were made for Kilombero I & II, Mtibwa, and TPC as well as for the National Sugar Training Institute. The study provided a framework and an action plan on the optimal privatisation strategy for these subsidiaries.


In 1995, for the pre-investment study for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Kagera Sugar Estate in Tanzania, HVA covered all agricultural aspects, including the establishment of a sugar cane outgrower scheme for smallholders, integrated with food crop and livestock production.


In Tanzania, HVA has developed a computerised management information system (MIS) based on PC's for the Mtibwa and Kilombero sugar companies. Implementation of the systems started in the early nineties and included adaptation to local conditions and extensive training of personnel. The training was completed ultimo 1998.


From 1993 till 2000, HVA has provided consultancy services, technical support and training for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Savannah Sugar project, Nigeria. The project included a 4,000 tcd sugar factory with refinery and 6,800 ha of sugar-cane fields, Also included were infrastructure works, e.g. roads, workshops, pump stations, and an irrigation/ drainage system.


In 1993, HVA carried out a short-term technical mission in Vietnam for the overall assessment of a sugar factory including plant maintenance, training and management information. A a result of a follow-up mission early 1994, HVA now provides La Gna Sugar Factory with advisory services for estate cane production and production of sugar cane by smallholders, including cane cultivation, introduction of new cane varieties and set-up of agronomic experiments.


In 1993 HVA provided assistance in the evaluation of the tender for Shoaibiyeh project in Iran. HVA services included evaluation of the offers and assistance during the negotiations with the four best-ranked suppliers.


In 1991/1992 HVA was commissioned by the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture to carry out the design of a standard sugar factory and refinery. The project included the preparation of tender specifications.


In 1987-1988, HVA carried out a study for the Government of Iran for the feasibility of a cane‑sugar project, called Mian‑Ab, to be established in Khuzestan. The project included the basic design of a sugar factory, including a refinery, with a capacity of 6,000 tonnes of cane per day and the design of plants for the processing of bagasse and molasses, i.e. units for the depithing of bagasse, a fibreboard factory and a feedmill for the processing of molasses and pith. The viability of the whole project has been evaluated and detailed technical studies on the possible types of processes, the cost of investment and the cost of operation of the various processing units have been carried out.

Reference Accounts

Technical and engineering assistance for the rehabilitation of a 4,000t tcd sugar factory and for increasing sugar cane production through rehabilitation (5,500ha) and expansion (1,300ha) of a gravity irrigation system and improvement of field mechanisation, harvesting and transport systems and agricultural practices.

Management of and technical assistance to the Mtibwa sugar factory and plantation.


Feasibility study for a sugar factory, animal feed plant and hardboard factory, using bagasse as raw material.


Management of and technical assistance to a sugar factory, sugar cane estates, and smallgrower sugar cane producers.


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