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Dairy Production

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Dairy project in Azerbaijan

Dairy Production

HVA International has build up long-standing experience in the dairy production chain, including dairy farming, processing, setting up and managing milk collection schemes and integrated dairy farming/processing projects. HVA International’s ability to provide integrated solutions for improving dairy production and organising the supply of good quality milk to the factory is well appreciated by clients in both the private and public sector.

Successful projects world-wide

HVA International’s position in the dairy industry has been firmly established by the development, construction and management of two large-scale fully integrated poultry and dairy projects in Libya between 1982 and 1991. Under difficult climatic conditions these projects realised excellent results, producing a range of quality poultry and dairy products, in quantities well above the pre-guaranteed targets.

Since then, HVA International has implemented and/or managed several large and small-scale dairy projects throughout the world and has conducted a number of sector studies, project identifications and feasibility studies.

Projects differ depending on local conditions, beneficiaries and objectives. This is reflected by the wide range of projects in which HVA International has been and is involved:  


Integrated livestock farming and processing operations (WAMCO Integrated Dairy Farm in Nigeria, Integrated Dairy Farm Management in Saudi Arabia and Strengthening the Dairy Sector in Georgia)


Livestock farming support services (e.g. extension, applied research, input supply, animal health care, artificial insemination/herd improvement, credit schemes) and milk collection schemes (Dairy Development Project – Vietnam, Indo-German Cow project – India, Milk Collection Schemes - Indonesia)


Training of extension officers, (para) veterinarians, farmers and farm staff (several projects)


Setting up demonstration units to test and show improved dairy husbandry practices (several projects in Vietnam, Nigeria, Georgia, Indonesia & Russian Federation)


Regional disease investigation and control programmes (Pan African Rinderpest Campaign - Uganda).


Operational management support with regard to herd health, reproduction and animal nutrition (Dairy Farms of Dhofar Cattle Feed Company - Oman and several large scale dairy farms in the Russian Federation).


Integrated dairy development

One of HVA International’s main fields of experience is developing, managing and advising medium and large scale integrated dairy farms, combining production of roughage and concentrate feeds, animal production and on-farm processing. Creating such largely self-supporting units has proven very successful for achieving sustainable dairy development in countries with under-developed dairy production chains.

For 19 years (up to & including 2009) HVA International managed an integrated dairy farm with an on-farm dairy plant in Saudi Arabia (Al Khozam Dairy Farm). In Nigeria HVA International has introduced modern dairy farming and processing technology as part of an integrated dairy project. To process the milk produced, HVA has established a small scale dairy plant (processing capacity of 3,000 litres per day) which produces high quality dairy products, that are well appreciated and compete successfully with imported dairy products.

HVA International implemented an integrated dairy project in the sub-tropical zone of Georgia, a project financed by Senter, Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs. The chain approach of the project as well as support to smallholder farmers is centred on the development of a medium-scale co-operative dairy farm (starting with 35 imported Holstein Friesian heifers) with an associated milk processing plant, feed mill and agricultural service unit.

In Azerbaijan HVA International prepared the implementation plan, supervised the construction and provided all technical inputs for a 600 cows integrated dairy farm with cheese factory. The start-up management and the training of the staff was an integral part of the contract. The cultivation of the fodder crops (cereals, lucernes and maize) was initiated and all agricultural equipment was supplied. The farm became operational in the autumn of 2007. From 2007 to 2009 HVA International provided Technical Assistance and assigned a Farm Manager.

HVA International has been particularly successful in establishing full-services milk collection centres, combining milk collection, ex-farm marketing and quality control with input supply, extension and other agricultural services. Introducing quality-based payment systems have proved to be an effective incentive for farmers to improve milk quality. Such milk collection schemes provide the -often missing- link between primary milk producers and (new) markets. HVA International implemented a milk collection scheme in Vietnam, with the purpose of meeting the demand of a new dairy plant operated by Dutch Lady Vietnam Food and Beverage Company. Through such schemes training of farmers is organised and services are provided in the field of herd improvement, input supply, quality control, extension and credit. Recently HVA International developed a camel milk collection scheme in Abu Dhabi and a cow and camel milk collection scheme in Dhofar, Oman.

In many projects key factors for success have been optimum exploitation of the present potential for pasture and fodder crop production and efficient utilisation of crop residues and by-products to minimise costs of concentrates. To assure a year-round supply of good quality roughage feed, HVA experts have selected and introduced improved fodder and pasture species and have developed appropriate forage harvesting and conservation systems suited to specific climates and livestock production systems. This integrated approach to livestock feeding systems is the basis for sustained high animal production and herd fertility.

Where feasible HVA International has implemented bull or steer fattening programmes to enhance the profitability of dairy projects. HVA International has also developed specialised extensive beef operations in Zambia, Libya and Ecuador.

An example of an integrated dairy project: Building an integrated dairy farm


Dairy studies as preparation for dairy development

HVA International has conducted a great number of dairy studies, including sector studies, project identification studies, feasibility studies, technical audits and project evaluations. Projects implemented by HVA International are often the follow-up of such studies, demonstrating the confidence that is put in HVA International’s advise.

HVA International has conducted a mission for Senter in Slovakia to identify a dairy farming and processing project. In Romania HVA International identified two projects based on a comprehensive analysis of the dairy sector in two regions. The assignment covered most aspects of the dairy production chain, including smallholder dairy farming, farmer support services, rural credit, milk collection, dairy processing and engineering and marketing/distribution.

In 2010 HVA International conducted a Feasibility Study for a Milk Collection & Processing project in Dhofar, Oman for camel as well as cow milk.

In 2009 HVA International developed together with PRP-Architects International a master plan for a resettlement scheme for camel, sheep & goat farmers. The Al Hayar Farms Community project includes the processing of camel milk and a slaughterhouse.

In 2008 HVA prepared a Dairy Training & Research Centre concept for the King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. The project with facilities for 230 dairy cows plus young stock, a bull fattening stable, a feeding trial stable, a veterinary treatment stable with training facilities, a dairy plant producing a wide range of pasteurized milk products, a slaughterhouse equipped for training students and general facilities, will be an essential part in the University’s aim to modernize its dairy training facilities. All facilities have been designed with specific attention to training possibilities for the students.

Over the years HVA prepared many milk collection and milk quality improvement studies and implementation plans (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.). In Indonesia HVA implemented two projects at cooperatives to significantly improve the fresh milk quality delivered to the Frisian Flag Indonesia factory in Jakarta. In 2008 HVA prepared an implementation plan for a milk quality improvement project for Frisian Flag Indonesia at a third milk collection cooperative in West Java.

In 1999 HVA International conducted a comprehensive dairy sector study in Georgia, which included an analysis of development scenario’s and project ideas.

In 1993 HVA International completed a dairy sector survey in North-Western Iran, an assignment commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs. HVA experts identified favourable conditions for dairy farming and an assessment was made of the possibilities for increasing the processing capacity. Based on the results of this study proposals for the supply and installation of processing equipment for two of the proposed dairy factories are under consideration at present. 


Reference Accounts

Shaki Agro Integrated Dairy Farm, Azerbaijan
Development of a 600 cows dairy farm with cheese processing plant. The project has been supported from the original implementation plan to its current management. The pregnant heifers were imported through HVA and 300 hectares of fodder production were established. Currently TA is provided and a farm manager has been assigned to the project.
Strengthening the Mojosongo cooperative and establishing a milk chilling centre, extension services and training the farming in clean milk production and hygienic matters. The cooperative significantly increased its daily milk collection and at a higher quality level.
Developing small scale dairy farming around Ho Chi Min City and establishing a milk collection scheme.
Introduction of modern dairy farming technology through the development of an integrated dairy farm based on the importation of 35 pregnant Holstein Friesian heifers and through support to smallholder dairy farmers.
Construction/installation management, engineering, start-up and operational management of a dairy processing plant for producing cheese, yogurt, pasteurised milk and butter.
Improve the quality and quantity of collected milk in the Lembang Area area in Indonesia.
Continuation of project in Lembang Area, Indonesia.


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